Addicted to Sheet Masks

Hi everyone! I’m a summer intern here at Peach & Lily (yes, I know I have the best job!). And, like a lot of you, I’m fairly new to the wonderful world of Korean skincare, and I’m officially a convert.

Today, I’d like you to discover with me some amazing new products that we just launched on today. 

Introducing…. Mizon’s new line of sheet masks, Enjoy Vital-Up Time

These masks are so comfortable and easy, and they’ll definitely help you reach your skin goals.

For Dry Skin

Try the Watery Moisture Mask: with key ingredients like Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid, your skin will be left super hydrated and moisturized.

Try Nourishing Mask: the avocado extract will help soften rough texture, hydrate, and give you a beautiful glow.

For Anti-aging and Elasticity

Try the Line Fit Mask: this cool mask is attached from ear-to-ear for a real face lift and contains peptides that help the skin produce more collagen. 

Try the Firming Mask: the fresh pomegranate extract in this mask helps with decreased elasticity and helps the skin look more radiant.

For Wrinkles

Try the Lift Up Mask: the key ingredient in this mask is collagen, which addresses signs of aging and wrinkles.

Try the Anti-Wrinkle Mask: made with snail mucin filtrate, this mask helps fill in those fine lines and strengthens your skin.

And for Acne and Redness

Try the Soothing Mask: this mask contains lavender, which is especially great for sensitive skin.

Try the Calming Mask: the bee propolis in this mask will help calm irritation and inflammation .

I’m going for the Watery Moisture Mask because my skin is dry dry dryyyy:

Ahhhh… refreshed! My skin feels FANTASTIC.

I love sheet masks, but my favorite item from the line is this incredible eye gel mask:

In addition to making you look like a superhero, these masks are so hydrating! They are made out of hydrogel, which helps seal all those great ingredients (like hyaluronic acid!) into your skin. This helps retain moisture, has a cooling effect, and strengthens that thin skin under your eyes. 

And the best part? All of these masks are just $3 each! You’re welcome. 

Happy Summer! 



Posted on July 30, 2015
by Peach & Lily