PeachPoints: Introducing Our Brand New Customer Loyalty Program—Shop This Week, and Earn 2x The Points

When Peach & Lily first launched, in 2012, K-Beauty was hardly the phenomenon it is today. In fact, it hadn’t even reached trend status yet. 

Even though there was no other US-based retailer focused on K-beauty at the time – other than in the Koreatowns and Chinatowns of that states – we dove in and launched Peach & Lily, trusting that people who didn’t shop in K-town would come to love the dazzling world of K-beauty.

It’s been four years since founding Peach & Lily and so much has changed. We distribute (entirely) to non-K-town retailers, including Sephora, QVC, Target, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and chic boutiques all over the country. We also opened up our own Peach & Lily store in Macy’sthe first in NYC!

Because I started this company when there was such little awareness or even interest in K-beauty (after all, how does one have interest in something one doesn’t know about), every single person who has shopped our site, read our blog, and engage with us on social media is so unbelievably important to us. As a young company, there’s so much that happens and so many growing pains. And so many of you have been with us from the start through this journey, developing and tweaking your skincare regimens. Without your support, love, and patience, we would not be where we are today.

Finally, we’ve grown enough to introduce a program we’ve been
dreaming about from the start.
our very own customer loyalty program!

Now, when you open an account with us, and shop our site, you’ll earn Peach Points...and they’re just as good as cash on our site.

(Unfortunately, shopping in our Macy's stores won't earn + redeem you Peach Points, but you can get Macy's points! Peach Points is for shopping on our site.)

In the spirit of saying thank-you, starting today, every single purchase will be eligible for double Peach Points to kick things off (double Peach Points will end on June 15th at 11:59 p.m EST).

My hope is that with Peach Points, it will be a little easier to try new things, stock up on old favorites, and keep your skin at its healthiest.

Peach & Lily has always been about getting to know your skin, and taking care of it accordingly. We hope that this makes it that much easier to #bareitall!


Posted on June 07, 2016
by Alicia Yoon