A Serum Chock Full of Roses From Korea’s BEST Plastic Surgery Clinic

Facial plastic surgery is an interesting phenomenon in Korea. Services run the gamut from less invasive "lunchtime procedures" to full-blown facial reconstruction involving pulled teeth and required overnight stays—sometimes longer.

In the Sinsadong area and Apkujeongdong area, the subway stops are filled with floor-to-ceiling ads of before-and-after's of extreme plastic surgery. I always stop and stare at these ads partly because I can't believe how amazing the skills of these surgeons are. The after's are drastically different, but many of these women (at least in the ads) still look pretty natural!

A couple years ago, while #SeoulBeautyTripping, I sought out Korea’s famous plastic surgeons just to learn more about the procedures and culture of plastic surgery as an investigative beauty explorer, and product curator.

I hunted down the best one—the one celebrities flocked to, and interviewed the head doctor, in his state-of-the-art skin clinic.

I was quickly distracted by a specific skincare collection made by this clinic—the beautiful Rose by Dr. Dream line.

I learned that Dr. Dream has some of the most exacting consumers when it comes to results—they want to walk out with treatments and products that will yield serious results. After a visit, clients expect skin to be more supple, brighter, tighter, all while still remaining completely natural looking. No overdone botox here!


Of course, such discerning customers needed skincare products that would preserve and maintain the results of their in-clinic treatments. Dr. Dream went to work creating a product line that would deliver just that. After extensive research, the dream team (pun intended) fell in love with rose stem cell extract for being both a gentle ingredient, which also brings about powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It’s perfect for soothing irritated skin and keeping it in great skin-health. Most noticeably, you'll see brighter skin, more even skin tone, a healthy glow, and a more plumped up face.

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When Dr. Dream's patients (including many celebrities) came back with rave reviews, Dr. Dream decided to make these available for retail sale at their hospital—and we found a product line that was a dream (couldn’t help it!) to launch at Peach & Lily.

This pretty bottle is worth every last penny for its super luxe ingredients—and now's the chance to try it for 40% off.

We hope this helps you #bareitall!


Posted on May 30, 2016
by Alicia Yoon