aromatica's Neroli Brightening Facial Oil Combats Acne Scarring the Natural Way

We can always count on Aromatica to make only the highest quality products, all of which are 100% toxin-free.

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The Top 5 Reasons Why We Love This Oil

1) True Luxury

It takes 1,000 pounds of orange blossom flowers to make just 1 pound of neroli oil. There's a reason why this citrus essential oil is considered to be one of the most luxurious oils out there.

2) Skin Benefits

This oil helps reduce hyperpigmentation and acne-scarring, and helps keep acne at bay. It also works to keep skin elastic, regenerate skin, and heal broken capillaries. The best part is that unlike other products that help with hyperpigmentation, this neroli oil is well loved for not drying skin out or irritating it.

3) Aromatherapy Benefits

While this product isn't an aromatherapy product per se (it does so much more!), neroli essential oil is known to help calm, relax, uplift, and relieve insomnia. If you're using this facial oil and you feel a bit more relaxed, now you know why!

4) The Scent

We can't get enough. It's a very subtle, fresh floral scent. It smells like you woke up at dawn, and stepped into an orchard filled with orange trees and a garden of flowers right after the crisp morning dew set in. Scents are powerful, and when we use this lovely oil, we find its subtle scent transports us to another world where everything is serene and fresh. We suppose that's what you get when you make an oil from freshly picked citrus flowers!

5) Pure

Neroli oil is expensive, so oftentimes it comes diluted with other ingredients. aromatica, however, never compromises. Every last drop of this bottle is filled with a medley of only the finest natural ingredients ingredients which work harmoniously with the neroli oil to hydrate, brighten, firm, and soothe with only the finest from nature.

Who Is This For:

All skin types, including those with sensitive skin. If you've found retinol or vitamin-C based products too harsh, this is a great alternative. If you have oily skin, fear not, this absorbs right in in a lightweight way, and your pores won't get clogged.

The Rave Reviews

"My new favorite I'm so impressed with the entire product line. This was my second oil (first used Rose Nourishing) and I didn't think anything other than Retin-A would work to reduce my dark spots. Oh was I wrong. I use the Neroli oil (3 drops) morning and night, and in just a few weeks, I started seeing not only healthier, better conditioned skin (which is also no longer oily if you know what I mean), but my dark spots are noticeably reduced. I love this brand and product."

"One of my favorite oils This is my second time using this oil and I love it. It really gives a boost to my skincare cregimen, currently using it on my face and body. I recommend it for anyone who loves the neroli scent and is into aromatherapy. I always feel so relaxed when I use this." 

"Brilliant Product I was so skeptical about adding "oil" to my skin care regimen...I thought for sure it would aggravate my acne prone skin. Wow was I wrong! My skin is so much more supple and hydrated. Since I started using this product my face is brighter and is finally healing from years of breakouts and using sub-par products. I love it and will never let myself

 run out. It's a must-have!"

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Make sure you snag this incredible product today at 40% off—while supplies last!
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Posted on May 27, 2016
by Alicia Yoon