11 Things Alicia Recommends this Black Friday


I've been receiving a lot of Instagram direct messages from you all on what to buy this Black Friday, so I decided to write this blog post to share the things I've been loving! By the way, I love it when you guys message me and I always do read everything, so please keep your comments coming as it helps me figure out what you're interested in!

We have hundreds of products on our site, and every single one goes through an intensive filtering process. You probably heard this from me before, but we take a long time to vet everything -- like, months and months -- and put the products through focus group tests and expert formulation-vetting, and we haven't changed that from day one. That way, you get only the best of the best!

So, it was hard to pick just 11 things I love. I decided to go with products that aren't as pronounced on social media, but ones our team consistently uses and loves. I hope these 11 more hidden gems help you tremendously on your skincare journey -- just like they helped me and our team.
1. Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser: I wanted to formulate a cleanser that would make makeup removal super easy. This can be easily massaged onto skin without any tugging or pulling, and importantly remove even that stubborn waterproof mascara. We love oil-based cleansers around here, and reimagined the oil-based cleanser into an oil-based pudding texture. It's not a balm, it's not a liquid, it's this airy light pudding texture that easily applied to dry skin. It's not wiped off with a tissue, but it's removed by a few splashes of water. The whole pudding emulsifies removing makeup, impurities and leaving skin hydrated and supple. You may be surprised as you keep using this first-step cleanser as this verified reviewer shares: 

Keeps impressing...
First try: felt like a cold cream makeup remover. Just simple, used it after removing mascara with a makeup remover. Weeks later, I accidentally discovered after rubbing it in and letting it sit for a moment it becomes like an oil and feels like an even deeper clean when I rub it in again. I finally tried just using the cream for mascara without using makeup remover first- BLOWN AWAY!! I dont use waterproof mascara, but it is water resistant and it melted it all away with zero problems or residue!! Shocked! I give 4 stars only because I love cleansing balms so much but... this is really starting to change my mind!! - Vernona M.

In the spirit of all things Peach Slices, we offer huge value - high, high quality for incredible pricing using creative solutions on packaging while still keeping it vanity-worthy. All this for $7.99 and then take another 30% off. I love this for every skin type.


2. Eco Your Skin Botanical Vital Balm Plus: for those blistery cold days and when nothing seems to help skin, chances are skin is literally chapped. It's dry, dehydrated, flaky and in a state of needing urgent help. This incredible moisturizer is actually a cocktail of beautiful oils pressed into a super decadent balm. One night of using this, even the most seriously chapped skin ends up melting into a state of comfortable hydration. After a few more uses, skin isn't just hydrated, it's literally luminous. 12 different plant oils coax skin into suppleness and pampers with antioxidants. I love this balm so much, and it's my secret sauce for whenever skin is angry with me after too much travel. I love this for normal and dry skin types.

3. Olivarrier Emollient Extra Comfort Cream: speaking of when skin is in need of some special TLC, which happens a lot in the wintry months, the whole Olivarrier line truly helps nurture elements-ravaged skin back to tip top shape. I discovered the brand because of my eczema and have been in love since. This moisturizer is intriguing to me because it's lightweight and yet it's incredibly moisturizing and breathable. As much as my skin needs heavy-duty protection (dry sensitive skin with eczema over here!), I dislike that feeling of having something heavy and airtight on skin. This cream strikes the right balance of super protective, but breathable like a soft cashmere sweater. And then the magic happens as this cream nurtures skin back to a great place with a shea butter blend, squalane and wintergreen leaf extract to keep it fresh. I love this for dry and normal skin types, and it's especially great for those with sensitive skin.

4. Shangpree Pore Tightening Mask: I have dry skin, so I don't have very noticeable pores, but as I get older and am now in my late 30's, elasticity decreases and pores enlarge. So over the last years, I've personally been on a hunt for my favorite pore mask and this Shangpree one is it. My criteria was: it has to work - pores must appear way smaller; it can't dry me out; it can't clog pores; it should leave skin feeling awesome; it can never irritate. This one checks all the boxes and then some thanks to a unique concoction of apricot oil, ginseng, ginger, licorice, camelia with kaolin clay. Try this for 30% off this Black Friday, I know you'll love it. This is amazing for all skin types.

5. May Coop Raw Activator: for those of you who are May Coop Raw Sauce fans, you're going to love this Raw Activator. It's literally everything the Raw Sauce does but faster and more intensively. I remember when we first launched this, we had a long-time customer personally email a few people on our team to share how her skin literally looked completely transformed within a week of using this serum. She was looking to "smooth our crepe-y skin, plump everything up, and get rid of a turkey neck." We've been amazed by this serum ever since we first launched it and the many five star reviews say it all about this product. This is great for all skin types, just like the Raw Sauce.

6. Peach & Lily Pure Beam Luxe Oil: my dream was to create a product where everyone gets normal skin! This blend was carefully created to provide those with dry skin oils that reinforce a lipid-lacking skin barrier, and for those with oily skin, this signals to your sebaceous glands that no more oil is needed. Incidentally, it's perfect for those with combination skin since skin becomes beautifully balanced. How does it work? These oils are never pore-clogging and have been specifically selected because our skin can process it as our own sebum which helps balance skin. Plus, it has anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties, and sinks in fast. It wears well under makeup and is 100% cold-pressed, no chemicals touch it, vegan and cruelty-free. Get a non-greasy perfectly balanced radiance with this and look your best through the fun holiday months.

7. Clear Complexion Collection: questions about acne is one of the most common inquiries we receive. I feel passionate about acne because much like eczema, I get it, it's sort of this cloud over your head where it can feel so out-of-control, frustrating, and even downright depressing when skin refuses to cooperate. I personally hand-picked this kit after vetting and vetting with our team because I wanted to offer a kit that truly works. And not just superficially, but truly seeks to improve the skin environment so that the acne can clear up once and for all. This is a well-balanced kit that thinks about all the different things your skin needs to beat acne. It's already discounted, and now you get that extra 30% off, so it's a really incredible value. More than the value though (as great as that is), this is a high-performance kit where you'll see results. I can't wait for you to try this out and see how you can be in control of your skin. And remember with acne, a lot of it is about inflammation. This article about How to Get Rid of Acne will also be helpful, if you want more reading about acne!
8. uka Scalp Cleansing Deep & Light: I first visited the impeccable uka salons back in 2013 and received one of the most epic scalp massages. uka is an icon in the beauty world in Japan and their scalp massages is one of their calling cards. I felt like someone had shaved my head and then placed the most delicate, lightweight wig on my head (as strange as that sounds!). My hair felt so so light and my scalp felt like it was breathing. Like, it literally was inhaling air. And that's when I realized, wow, my scalp has been so weighed down with impurities. And then I started thinking about how I double cleanse religiously, but don't do much to care for my scalp. Since then the uka Scalp Cleansing Deep & Light has been my go-to hair treat. It's toxin-free, smells amazing, but most incredibly, it makes your scalp feel so soothed and refreshed, it helps keep any flakes away, and it makes my hair look awesome! Try this, you'll get hooked. It's a game-changer.

9. Koh Gen Do Cleansing Water: whether I'm on the road or I'm tired and I can't get up, there are times that double cleanse isn't happening. And that's where the KGD Cleansing Water comes to the rescue for me. It also comes in the cleansing cloth version and I love it because it removes all makeup, every last trace, never ever stings, is the right gentle pH, doesn't leave any residue that makes me feel like I probably should be rinsing off with water anyway, leaves skin super hydrated, and feels really luxe. I've tried this for up to a couple weeks every day straight to see if I might start breaking out, but nope, this kept my skin in great shape. Need a micellar water for those sink-free days? This one is a cult-favorite for good reason.

10. Ground Plan First Clear Skin: this pristine toner uses a natural "BHA" of sorts, wintergreen extract, to help skin exfoliated and super fresh without stripping it dry. I do have hormonal breakouts when I have long stretches of travel of late nights, and this toner helps to clear those spots right up without disrupting my skin. So many focus group testers who had oily and acne-prone skin loved this, and I was surprised to find that it was gentle enough for even my dry, eczema skin and have since been recommending this to those struggling with blemishes.

11. Mizon Black Bean Mask: this is so delectable-looking, you'll want to eat it. At least, I do! Just as good as it looks, it feels so sensual on skin. It applies on in that smooth, luxe way like you're really indulging in some high-quality me-time, and it makes me picture soft music on in the background, a scented candle wafting through the air, and a pumpkin spice latte and a good book awaiting me....even if in reality, I'm just curled up on my couch without all the other elements. This just gets you in a special mood that reminds you that you're doing something good for yourself, and makes you feel all warm inside as you focus on self-care. And then once you rinse it off, your skin feels bbo-song-bbo-song (Korean for super soft and supple like a baby!) and very clarified and refreshed. 

I hope this guide helped you discover a few gems that might be incredible for your skin priorities! If you ever have any questions, you can always email our skin experts at lily@peachandlily.com or leave a comment on my Instagram! Happy Thanksgiving, friends, and of course, happy Black Friday shopping!

Big xo,
Posted on November 20, 2018
by Peach & Lily